5 Reasons To Buy A Rado Watch
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5 Reasons To Buy A Rado Watch

Luxury is a way of life and is no longer the bastion of the famous or in the league of the ultra-rich. The post-globalisation boom followed by the IT / Telecom revolution increased the income levels considerably in India. Something that looked unattainable in our childhood is now aspirational. We know it is all about planning that purchase and reaching out for it. Awareness of the luxury brands also increased with international exposure resulting from  travel for work, internet and other aspects of globalisation such as entertainment and media. Surely what better way to make a statement these days than with a luxury watch; well, at least for men!

Think of the last time you checked the price of Rolex watches online. No more sheepish moments of enquiring the price with a snooty sales person. With palmtop access to the world, information on luxury is not restricted to the elite. Brands have also become aware of their need to step out of their comfort zones and explore new markets. Having accessible information about their art, perfectionism and engineering out there has helped many watch brands gain an ardent fan base across the world. Rado is one such brand that enjoys immense adoration, especially in India from the young and old, alike. Created to last a lifetime, Rado watches are known for their visionary research and cutting edge material technology. Here are five reasons why you need a Rado in your luxury watch collection.

1. Master of Materials

Endlessly spoken about in the context of Rado watches,  innovation and technology brought into these watches via a range of materials they have introduced have been remarkable. 

High-Tech Ceramic has played a pivotal role in the Rado approach to watch making. The quintessential glossy black Rado has stood the test of time thanks to the timeless aesthetics of the High-Tech ceramic. Catering to desires of not just durability, but also of comfort and style, the material previously used in medicine and aeronautics was effectively transformed to high fashion. 

As a part of the later innovation, high-tech ceramic was forged at 20,000 degrees in an oven to create Plasma High Tech ceramic to render a distinct metallic shine on the surface of watches, unmatched by any other watchmaker till date. Then came Ceramos, marrying the properties of ceramic and metal enhancing the lustre and enabling easy transformations to colour platinum, gold and rose gold watches.

Rado introduced the first scratch-resistant watch in 1962 - Rado Diastar 1 using Hard Metal. It is known to be more durable than steel, gold and platinum to combat the stress of everyday use. 

2. Commitment to Design

Design is the cornerstone of Rado's philosophy in timekeeping. Not only have they accumulated accolades for design internationally, Rado is a brand associated with influencing design discourses globally. Rado Star Prize competitions seek bright and upcoming designers to collaborate with Rado.

The most fascinating exploration in recent times is the  True Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier - a collection of limited edition watches in nine unique vivid and vibrant colours from Le Corbusier’s legendary Architectural Polychromy colour theory in Hi-tech Ceramic. There are only 999 watches made in each colour. 

Rado worked with renowned industrial designer Konstantin Grcic to design the iconic Rado Ceramica in 2016. The watch was distinct in its linear shape and unique use of hi-tech ceramic. The new Rado Ceramica emerged as one of the most sought after Rado watches for men. Rado created other design masterpieces like True Taipei and Rado r5.5 in collaboration with designers Leslie Chan who is a graphic designer from Taipei & Jasper Morrison, a furniture designer.

More than 25 watches created by Rado have been recognised with various prestigious  international design awards across the world.

3. 100-year-old Legacy

The iconic brand started with a humble beginning when three brothers, Ernt, Fritz & Werner set up a tiny watchmaking unit attached to their house in Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917. The company they called Schlup & Co by the end of World War II was amongst the largest producers of timekeeping equipment across the world. 

In the 1950’s, the company started selling  watches under the name ‘Rado’ and on their 40th Anniversary , launched the Golden Horse Collection. Green Horse, launched next year, was the first water-resistant model. In a couple of years, one could buy a Rado timepiece in 61 countries! 

Rado DiaStar 1 introduced in 1962 was the world’s first scratch-resistant watch. Sapphire Crystal came centre stage with the minimalist Rado Dia 67. Rado Ceramica introduced the world to an integrated watch case and bracelet in sapphire crystal and hi-tech ceramic. 

4. Coming together of the Old & New

With a legacy of over 100 years, the danger of becoming outdated in technology and style looms large. Rado has broken all such barriers and has constantly emerged as the icon in these areas amongst luxury watches. What makes this possible? The fact that Rado has managed to hold on to that position of contemporary relevance over ten decades is no small feat. The company has skillfully merged the wonders of old school horology and post-modern aesthetics in material and design. This is evident in their wide offering of self wounding , manually wounding mechanical movements and modern quartz movements, most of them in analog displays. 

5. Brand Appeal

Luxury is no longer about extravagance. It is more a statement of personality than status, more so, in today’s business environment. Associating with a brand conveys much more than your purchasing power. It is about aligning personalities with the brand, awareness about what the brand stands for and most importantly, an almost connoisseur-like knowledge about what is current and exclusive. 

To keep it simple, safe to say that there is no going wrong with a Rado when it comes to brand appeal. Rado’s enviable reputation about its mastery of materials, commitment to design and unique craftsmanship that creates a piece of art for a watch - all of these make it an ideal choice for the modern day executive or entrepreneur. It is timeless, sported with ease by the young and the old and is distinctive in appearance. What's more? The price is not formidable, either. Rado can still fit into the category of  luxury watches under Rs 50,000 for a newbie enthusiast in the luxury segment. 

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