Experience the Finest Watch Care in the City with Zimson Watch Care

Discover the epitome of watch care excellence at Zimson Watch Care, where luxury meets meticulous craftsmanship. Entrust your treasured timepiece to our skilled artisans and technicians, as we pride ourselves on servicing and restoring over 50 prestigious luxury watch brands. Experience our commitment to unrivaled care and attention, ensuring your watch shines with timeless elegance and precision.

  • Complete watch movement overhaul
  • Watch Case and watch bracelet cleaning 
  • Crystal / glass replacement 
  • Strap and bracelet adjustment and repair 
  • Battery change
  • Scratch removal 
  • Watch case and watch chain polishing 
  • Automatic movement service and repair 


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All Swiss , Japanese and Indian brands are serviced at our service centre.

At Zimson Watch care , we care for your watches and make sure the watches are in perfect running condition in all its glory.

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