Timekeeping for the Sharks
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Timekeeping for the Sharks

Timekeeping for the Sharks

Sharks have taken over our living rooms now in a big way. These sharks don’t hunt; they fish and they judge! Yet we hang on to every word that comes out of the mouths of these incredibly successful and astute business persons. They judge the business concepts and products pitched to them by people who are hopeful of getting funded by the sharks in return for a stake in the invested company. Funding pitches ranging from Roasted peanuts to E-bikes and Meta verse apps have come up in the show.

Now, this gets us thinking. Which are the watches that we would love to see worn by the seven sharks? Having keenly observed them in action here are the brands that we feel would best adorn the wrists of each. We have aligned the style of each of them with some leading brands of watches. These watches standout in their wholesome appeal and personify the individuality that each shark brings to the table.

  1.   Ashneer Grover – Very rarely do we see someone like Ashneer; people with everything going for them. Net worth north of 20000 crore Rupees*, unbeatable track record as a businessman, young, good looking with a great social standing and unstoppable in his aspiration to do and achieve more. 

So, what else but a Rolex or him! Nothing represents Ashneer better than a tough, exquisite, long lasting, luxurious and expensive Rolex. Wearing a Rolex watch is about heralding in a world of unlimited possibilities. Rolex pioneered in making the first waterproof wristwatch – the Oyster – and from there developed into a range of timepieces that have become icons of watch making. It is always a Rolex watch that is seen on the wrists of the change makers in the world – Leaders of countries, Multi millionaire businessman, top artists, athletes and visionaries and extraordinary humans who journey to the very highest summits and the deepest part of the oceans wear their Rolexes with pride. 

  1.     Vineeta Singh – Vineeta truly represents the undying spirit of women achievers of today. From being a founder of one of India’s top cosmetic companies ‘Sugar’ to being a star marathoner who ran a marathon when she was pregnant there is nothing much left for her to prove to the world. She is here to stay and aims to achieve still greater heights. 

Longines watches known for its elegance, tradition and a high performance standard is what we would love to see on her wrist. Longines has a watchmaking tradition which includes innovation, elegance and a taste for adventure and sports. The reliability and precision they bring to the table is a hallmark of the luxury brand. However compared to most luxury watch brands Longines watches are competitively priced. They are one of the most affordable recognized luxury watch brands and like Vineeta possess a down–to-earth appeal.


  1.   Peyush Bansal – The best way to describe him is that he is a very successful business man with a heart of gold. From founding several startups in the last decade to his phenomenal contributions towards ensuring eye care and health of underprivileged women and children he has done a lot. He is living proof that success and wealth need not necessarily mean being indifferent to the needs of the society we live in.

From Military men, to world leaders to celebrities like Eminem sport their Casio G shock with pride. This is the watch we would love to see worn by the head honcho of Lenskart simply because of its earthy appeal. G-Shock watches are the pioneers of shock resistance technology in watches. They have a high tolerance against electric shock, water, gravity, vibration and low-temperature. The brand vision was to create a watch that never breaks and its toughness won it the title of the “toughest watches of all time”. Exactly like Mr.Bansal!

  1.   Namita Thapar – Namita is the young dynamic face of new India who believes ‘with power and privilege comes great responsibility to give back and help others!’ As MD of one of India’s largest pharma companies- Emcure Pharmaceuticals- she has achieved so much in her young age that many can’t imagine in decades. She believes in leading a healthy life and devotes her attention to fitness and right eating habits. She is someone from whom young India can learn a lot. 

Bvlgari as a brand has held and still continues to hold records for making the thinnest timepieces. It holds an esteemed position in the watch making industry. Bvlgari is an Italian brand inspired by the rich Roman history and it honors its culture and heritage through modern and innovative design by incorporating the rich history of Rome. Bvlgari has absorbed the city’s symbolism while focusing on innovations in design for the future. Always seen adorning the top celebrities of the world, we could not think of a better watch for the Indian Diva businesswoman that Namita is! 

  1.   Anupam Mittal – With his matrimonial site shaadi.com, Anupam Mittal has touched the lives of millions and made a difference in them as well. Besides his startups, Anupam Mittal is an active investor who has invested in more than hundreds of businesses some of them being big basket, ola cabs, fab hotels, ketto etc.  He can be considered the real business shark in every sense of the word, with his keen eye on strategic business investments.

Omega watches are highly recognizable for their mechanical precision and accuracy. They take their design seriously and are a class apart in pure beauty. Omega watches are Swiss made and represent pure exclusivity. Also, the wonderful luxury Omega watches have unique materials, movements, designs, and other factors that make them expensive. Proof of their exclusiveness are their Speedmaster and Seamaster collection, and other impressive innovations that they have done. 

  1.   Aman Gupta – To be below 40 years and have a networth of more than 10000 crore Rupees**? That is some achievement indeed. With a business that exposed Indians to fashionable audio products without pricing them outrageously, his company Boat has climbed the ladder of success quite quickly. He is the face of the young and ambitious new India.

A Tag Heuer is what we would like this very well educated, hard working and shrewd businessman to be seen wearing on his wrist. They are stylish, precise and especially popular with go getters. Tag Heuer owes its popularity for many reasons. They make varied kinds of great watches and are recognized as a luxury brand that has in its repertoire many stylish and sporty models. They offer great value for the features they provide and the price bracket at which they come. They make very precise chronographs as well as affordable quartz watches and well priced complicated watches.

  1.   Ghazal Alagh – She is another one of the young achievers who has proved that age is a number when it comes to going for what one wants in life. She is the founder of Mama Earth which is considered India's fastest growing beauty brand for pure organic products. Their products have worked hard to make early parenting stress free.  

Chopard watches are exceptional timepieces stemming from meticulous workmanship and a perfect fit for Ghazal with her commitment to high quality products. With an impressive heritage as watch makers and their proven ability to create timepieces that span from jewelry-oriented watches to sports watches and even high-horology, Chopard has a reputation as a watchmaker with some superb pieces in their broad collection.

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