Rado Ruling the World with its Centrix Watches
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Rado Ruling the World with its Centrix Watches


“If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will”

This was the inspiring motto that accompanied the launch of the Rado Green horse in 1957. Rado watches are at a position of being a must have accessory complementing every man and woman’s wardrobe with its timeless appeal. Yet, a Rado is not a mass produced commonly seen watch. Across all its models, Rado produces a limited quantity of just half a million watches a year. Rado brought out the first scratch resistant watch as well as the first hardest watch ever made. Rado has made breakthrough innovations in touch technology and in color consistency standards, both of which are unmatched. Indeed, many firsts there for Rado!

A peep into the evolution of Brand Rado

The history of Rado dates back to more than a century, when in 1917, three brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schlup made a decision to become watchmakers. They converted part of their parents’ home in a village in Switzerland to be their atelier. Schlup & co, as it was called then, attained great heights with a sound sense of business and an energetic attitude

At the end of the Second World War in  1940’s, the factory of Schlup & co was among the largest producers of watches and a standing proof of Swiss quality standards. It is then after 40 years of vast and successful experience that the brothers decided to launch their own brand of watches calling it Rado in 1957. The word ‘Rado’ means wheel in Esperanto language. Eventually they moved from their family atelier to a formal factory set up and in 1962 they came up with their first scratch proof watch called the Rado Diastar. The same year saw the launch of its hugely popular first diving watch- The Captain Cook.

Captain Cook - 1962

1976 saw the Rado’s most experimental models and highly original timepieces – Elegance and Glissiere which used futuristic material and cutting edge technology. In 1984 came the watch with the first ever cylindrical sapphire. 1986 saw the arrival of Rado Integral which used scratch resistant high tech ceramic and eventually progressed to Rado Ceramic which is the first watch with bracelet, crown and case made of this material used in aircraft industry.

In the new millennium Rado got into the Guinness world record books with its Rado V10K for being the world’s hardest watch till date and made of diamond. The last year saw a fun line up of the most colorful watches in 9 vivid colors called the True Thinline Les Couleurs TM in association with Le Corbusier.

Rise of Rado Centrix as the most popular watch

Its versatility that spans across in different sizes, color variations, quartz as well as automatic movements ensure that there is a model in Centrix that would appeal to everyone. The striking feature of a Rado Centrix is its tapered lightweight bracelet that gently circles the wrist, which ensures excellent wearing comfort. It is the all-around style that lends a touch of elegance, uncompromising luxury and sophistication to everyone who wears this watch.

What makes Rado Centrix popular is the premium materials used and its exquisite design. The perfect circle of it is exquisite and like the name suggests the Centrix collection is available only in circular dials.  Rado’s unfailing spirit of innovation is reflected in the Centrix collection.

The collection comes in two main variants – the Centrix Ceramic and the Centrix Steel and  the two models differ in terms of their material. In May 2016, Rado launched its star model, the Centrix Open Heart collection in Beijing . It has been dominating the watch markets ever since.

Let us look at what goes into the appeal of three of the most popular Centrix models.

Centrix Automatic Open Heart

It has an automatic movement type and movement power reserve of 80 hours. The case material is stainless steel with a thickness of 10.1 mm and dimension of 38.0 mm. Case water resistance is till 30 meters. Dial is black with an open heart setting. The bracelet material used are High-tech ceramic, stainless steel and titanium and the case gender is unisex

The popular Centrix collection goes on to show that it’s what’s inside that is important. The Automatic Open Heart offers a glimpse of the quality Swiss automatic movement inside. With Rado’s unique sapphire crystal adding scratch-resistant shine, Automatic Open Hearts are designed to look good for life.

Skeleton watches are timepieces that look best with a minimalist dial. It is very rare that watchmakers are able to strike the right balance between showing the inner workings of the watch and managing to keep the dial simple enough to read. From that perspective, Centrix Automatic Open Heart is a true winner. It is an impressively beautiful watch and the skeleton design of it does not impair the readability of the dial. The joy of seeing the workings under the dial while checking time is unparalleled.

Rado Centrix Diamonds

This popular model has a quartz movement type. The case comes with a thickness of 6.7 mm, dimension of 38.0 mm and the case crystal is Sapphire. Water resistance is up to 30 meters. Dial color is black and is jeweled. The bracelet material used are High-tech ceramic and titanium and the case gender is unisex

This black-and-gold Centrix diamond is probably one of the most famous and recognizable timepieces by Rado and is one among the most searched watches on the internet. The Centrix always had a charm for Rado loyalists for years with its unfazed and minimalistic design. This could be considered a perfect accessory that goes well with either formal or casual attire. Ceramic being the primary material of this watch, Centrix is very classy and stays extremely lightweight and comfortable as well. Rado Centrix Diamond could be your first Rado model if you have never owned a Rado as it is the quintessential Rado in every sense.  

Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds

This model has an automatic movement type and movement power reserve of 80 hours. The case thickness is 10.1 mm and dimension is 38.0 mm. Water resistance is till 30 meters. Dial color is brown and the dial has date and jewels as well. The bracelet materials used are High-tech ceramic and titanium. The case gender for the model is unisex.

The Centrix Automatic Diamonds has the traditional aesthetics one tends to expect from a Rado while maintaining a chic and modern design. This watch can exquisitely complement any type of attire- casual or formal. The bracelet itself is a thing of beauty, combining luxury and comfort. We can even admire the workings of the watch through its see-through caseback.

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