The 5 Undisputed Rules of Flaunting a Watch like a Gentleman
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The 5 Undisputed Rules of Flaunting a Watch like a Gentleman

A watch is the most loved possession, probably one to flaunt on different occasions. It is especially important to men since they don’t have many accessories to call their own, unlike women. While the love for watches is common among all men, what’s also important is to get the look right. Below mentioned are some of the undeniable rules for flaunting the watch like a true gentleman:



Your watch should be worn on the wrist that fits you the best


The wrist on which you decide to wear your watch is completely your choice. Most branded watches for men in India are often worn on the left wrist since most people are right-handed. Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand is more comfortable and out of the way, while writing or engaging in activities that would need you to utilize your dominant hand.

Your watch must be worn on the wrist that you feel is convenient for you to view time. If it's your right wrist and you're a right-handed person, wear the watch accordingly. When it comes to watch rules, personal taste and comfort are the most important considerations.

Dimensions are important

The size of the dial can make or break your look. However, it all boils down to the look you wish to achieve. For a casual sporty look, a large dial may serve the purpose well but for formal affairs, a classy toned down watch is all you need to make an impression. The same goes for straps too. While leather and steel dominate the formal attire look, mesh bands and rubber take the casual look to another level.

Is one too many or one too few? 

To be honest, it all depends on your personality. Although some people have an extensive collection of watches and love to buy luxury watches online in India, others are happy to wear the same one for every event. However, logic dictates that you should refrain from detracting from its reputation by wearing it wherever you go.



Furthermore, one watch may only be worn with a limited number of clothes. Nonetheless, if you want to stay with a single timepiece, you would be best off choosing something basic, discreet, and neutral.

Metal or leather? 

If you want to maintain a neutral appearance, metal wrist bands are your best bet. However, the buckle on your belt and the color of the metal on your watch should be the same. Silver and gold are the two most apparent choices.

In addition, if you're wearing a double-coughed shirt, you should coordinate the cuff links as well. Similarly, the leather should coordinate with any other leather accessories you choose to wear on that particular day. The most decent colors to choose from are black and brown.

 Getting the right fit for your wrist is essential

A strap that is too loose is not only messy, but it is also a nuisance while you are going about your daily activities. Imagine your watch fluttering back and forth every time you lift your arms during a presentation, or if you are the kind of man who goes for a midday run on his lunch break and your watch flips the wrong way when you stop to check the time, it can be very discouraging.

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