How to Spot a Fake Watch like a Pro!
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How to Spot a Fake Watch like a Pro!

Do you want to purchase a watch from a well-known brand? Why aren't you purchasing it through one of the brand's retail locations or an online portal? There are many best watch brands for men you can consider but are you concerned that you may not purchase an authentic piece? Several techniques may be used to tell the difference between a genuine watch and a replica. Let's go into more depth about how it is feasible to hunt down an authentic original.


 A genuine watch will not make any noises or make any ticking sounds at all. This is because it is made up of many small components that have been meticulously integrated to form the ideal watch mechanism. On the other hand, replicas do not have this characteristic and will make ticking noises, which can be readily distinguished by putting the watch near to your ear and listening closely.

 Authentic watches are of superior quality

The first thing that will stand out is the difference in the overall quality of the watch. A replica will never be able to compete with the quality of a tangible item. When you want to tell if anything is fake, check for unfinished edges, poor shine, scratches, and even incorrect marks or engravings.

 Additionally, check to see whether the clasp/buckle functions well, if the screw-down crown functions correctly, and if the watch needles can be directed by the screw that changes the time on the watch. Keep an eye out for any other mistakes, such as misspelled words or even incorrect stamps. It is also essential to examine the marks to ensure that they are clear and correctly etched and are not fading away, which will only occur if the watch is a fake.


The genuine watch is composed of precious stones, crystal, gold, silver, and heavy metals and alloys to create a branded timepiece. Aside from that, they are outfitted with a slew of small moving components that make a branded watch heavier and more durable. A regular watch lacks this feature and is not near as hefty, strong, sturdy, or durable as a luxury timepiece.

 Specifications of the product

 It's usually a good idea to conduct some preliminary research on the watch you plan to purchase. This provides you with the chance to discover more about the product features of your selected timepiece in more depth than you would otherwise have.

 As a result, before making any purchase, you can simply compare the specifications to distinguish between a genuine designer watch and a copy. Looking at pictures and knowing more about how the branded watches for girls appear in person can help you avoid purchasing a phony timepiece and losing money.

 Additionally, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the logos, stamps, and trademark designs of the company you are purchasing, as this can considerably assist you in making the right decision.

 The top is made of sapphire crystal

 Every designer watch has a sapphire crystal on the dial, which protects the dial from scratches. Regular timepieces feature either a mineral crystal or a glass crystal on the top.

 When seen at a specific angle, the sapphire crystal's violet hue may be seen, which can be used to verify that one particular watch is genuine. Aside from that, the sapphire crystal top has a noticeable glitter and brilliance that can be seen from even a short distance away.


 The packaging of a watch is one of the first things you'll notice upon unpacking it, and it's also one of the essential things to look for when distinguishing between a real and a fake. The box case should be of high quality and seem precisely as shown in the web photographs.

 Furthermore, it should be firm and not have a shabby appearance. Also, look for low-quality print, forged information, or a warranty or other missing documentation from the package. It’s also important to choose the website/retailer you are buying from wisely and go for only trusted sources such as Zimson Watches.

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