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The Brand

“The brand Breitling has not become an official supplier to world aviation by chance”.

Breitling has played a significant role in the development of the wrist chronograph and is known as the leader in the segment. Known as the “Astronaut’s watch of choice “this brand with its reliability, sturdiness and high-performance, has shared all the fine moments in the conquest of the skies by astronauts.

In founding his workshop in the Swiss Jura in 1884, Leon Breitling dedicated himself to the elite, exclusive and demanding field of precision watch making – that of timers and master chronographs.

Breitling Partnering with the Aviation Industry

Aviation industry and its forerunners needed reliable, efficient and sturdy instruments and soon took an interest in Breitling’s pocket chronograph.

In the year 1930 the Breitling brand enhanced its range with a “Speciality” watch that would bring it worldwide fame – THE ONBOARD CHRONOGPRAPHS which are meant for aircraft cockpits. These instruments became indispensable for secure piloting and enjoyed great success in various armed forces, which included the Royal Air Force that used them to equip its famous World War II propeller-driven fighter planes.

Aviation as we know is a realm of high safety and of vital importance and Breitling displays similar passion and fixation with quality in all its 100% Swiss made “Instruments of professionals”.

What’s Unique about Breitling, the brand?

The inventor of the modern chronograph

These instruments were meant for sports, industry and science. Because of its precision and high-quality along with its continued quest for innovation, the brand has complemented the boom of competitive sports, automobiles and feasts of aviation pioneers. One of the world's only major watch brands to equip all its models with chronometer-certified movements, the definitive symbol of precision, Breitling is also one of the rare companies which developed its own mechanical chronograph movements, entirely produced and manufactured in its own workshops. This family business is also one of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands.

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