Watches & Wonders, Geneva 2021
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Watches & Wonders, Geneva 2021

The world was privy to the best and finest of watch events in early April - the very first horological event of 2021. The 2021 edition of Watches and Wonders, Geneva brought together 40 prestigious brands of the watch making world in an online-offline convention. After surviving a dull 2020, it is an event that was awaited with much anticipation both by watchmakers and watch enthusiasts world-wide. While initially announced as an online event, the recent inclusion of the offline edition has infused it with renewed energy and excitement. The event of 12 days began with an online showcase on the Watches and Wonders digital platform from April 7th to 13th  followed by the physical edition of Watches and Wonders in Shanghai from April 14th to 18th 2021. 

Watches and Wonders, Geneva 2021

Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH), the organisers of the event had opted to go back to the digital format after they were forced into it at the last minute in 2020, due to the onset of the pandemic. The Shanghai exposition is clearly a later addition, a much-needed booster to the post pandemic watch retail. Brands of the Richemont group like, A Lange & Sohne, Cartier, Piaget, Paberai, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin will be joined by giants like Rolex, Tudor, Patek Philippe, Chopard and Chanel. LVMH brands Bvlgari, Hublot, Tag Heuer and Zenith along with some niche players like Buchere, Chronoswiss, Ulysse Nardin amongst others of established grandeur were part of the mega event.


The fair is undoubtedly a rare platform that celebrates the magic of the horological world. At the Geneva digital edition, organisers promised exclusive releases, interactive features, exchanges and networking synergies engaging the audience beyond the traditional watchmaking sphere. The world watched in awe of a complete experiential journey of brands, manufacturing, virtual tours, talks with brand ambassadors and even virtual parties! Key aspects pertaining to the industry like innovation, sustainability and digital transformation will be addressed over debates and panel discussions.

The second edition of the fair hosted at  the West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai from April 14th to 18th focused on the art and culture of watchmaking. The first two days are dedicated to media, exhibiting brands and exclusive customers. The other three days will be open to the public and watch enthusiasts. Entry is on invitation only observing all covid protocols. 19 brands will participate in parallel events involving experience of new releases in the Geneva edition, talks by industry experts, latest innovations in showcasing brands and workbench demonstrations. 

Meanwhile, a quick peek at the heritage of some of our favourite brands at the salon and our pick from their Watches & Wonders 2021 releases.




Chopard heritage dates back to the 19th century when Louis Ulysse Chopard, known for his art in timekeeping, was sought after for his unique chronometers and pocket watches. He was engaged by the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and the Swiss Railways for their timekeeping requirements and was already importing to Poland, Hungary and Scandinavia by the end of the century. Thus started the lineage of unparalleled dedication to precision and technology in watchmaking. The company changed hands to the Scheufele family in the 1960s who went on to take the Chopard heritage to jewellery, sports fashion and the iconic LUC Movement in 1990.

Chopard Qualité Fleurier

Unveiled as  a precursor to the Watches and Wonders salon, this limited edition of 25 watches is Chopard’s tribute to 25 years of inhouse matchmaking - the 1996 Chopard Manufacture. The watch is intended as a symbol of Chopard adherence to highest qualities in horology - technology, aesthetics and certified quality. What more, it carries the exclusive certification of Fleurier Quality Foundation apart from the Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. 



The first Hublot watch was created by Carlo Crocco in 1980 with a natural rubber bracelet, a first ever of its kind. The watch was unusual and shocked the critics at the Basel watch fair that year, but grabbed sales of more than $2 million subsequently, in the same year. This marked the beginning of the Hublot heritage as the luxury watch brand recognised  for its ‘art of fusion’. The Hublot watches stand out in their combination of materials and design that is remarkably individualistic, taking them to a coveted place they enjoy among luxury fashion accessories. 


Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski 40mm

Hublot Classic Fusion Orlinski 40mm

A series launched in 2017 and now a successful partnership with artist Richard Orlinski the watch is a true style statement with its theme of uniquely faceted surfaces. The latest 2021 version is a 40mm Classic fusion in ceramic cases of Flashy Blue and Classic Glossy Black, once again from the artists palette.  The watch comes with an automatic HUB1100 calibre with 42 hours power reserve. 


It all started in 1884 when a Greek immigrant and silversmith named Sotirio Bulgari set up his jewellery business in Rome. The business expanded with the involvement of his sons and attained great popularity for their distinctive jewellery studded with precious stones and diamonds recreating the Roman era. Bvlgari created their first watch in the 1940's - the Serpent watch, an iconic accessory that went on to become a much desired fashion accessory by world leaders and Hollywood celebrities alike. In 1977 they launched another watch Bulgari Bulgari drawing inspiration from the ancient Roman coin in true Bvlgari style of gemstone-studded luxury. Bvlgari Time was set up in Switzerland in 1980 officially becoming a part of the Swiss watchmaking heritage. 

 Bvlgari Divissima Cocktail

Bringing in a contemporary update to a classic model, latest Divissima is bold yet set in a traditional wrist watch style. A true piece of art in the Diva’s Dream model, it comes in diamond and emerald versions extruding exotic feminine appeal. The fan shaped diamond studded signature motif surrounds the dial enhancing its lightness and brilliance. 


Tag Heuer 

The Tag Heuer story is that of constant pioneership in technology.. The company was established by Edouard Heuer in 1860 on the foundations of family leadership and technical innovation. In 1869, his first patent for a crown operated keyless winding system was pathbreaking in the industry. By 1887, they perfected the Chronograph with the patent for the ‘Oscillating pinion’. In 1911 they were making dashboard chronometers for aircrafts and automobiles and 1914 saw the first wrist chronograph. Then came the three register chronograph with the day/date/month feature in the mid forties. After a legacy of time keeping in ski and motor racing events Heuer became the first swiss watch in space in 1962. This was followed by further innovations like the Automatic Chronograph and the Digital chronograph. Turning TAG (for Techniques d’Avant Garde) Heuer in the 1980’s after an acquisition,  it is now part of the prestigious LVMH family. The brand continues to stand for legendary precision timekeeping in sports.

Tag Heuer Aqua Racer Professional 300

This uber stylish tool watch is for the bold and active. Luxury and ergonomics go hand in hand in this ode to theavant-gardespirit encompassing all elements of the Tag Aquaracer heritage. The changes come in the form of small details making a big change in experience. The magnifying glass over the date, lighter bezel and case, redesigned digits and hands all contribute to a more versatile wearer experience. The watch is water resistant up to 300 meters.

Ulysse Nardin


Coming from a family of horological practise, Ulysse Nardin set up his watch company in 1846. Fascinated by the sea, he was a pioneer in the marine chronometer and specialist in nautical time-keeping instruments. The chronometers designed by Ulysse Nardin went on to set standards in civil, military and scientific arenas. The numerous awards and honours they have received  at International exhibitions (4324 certificates, 2411 special prizes and 18 gold medals until 1975) stand testimony to their technical prowess and commitment to innovation. Crafted in flashy and minimalistic styles, they stand out in the modern watch environment not only as a diligent time keeping company but also a sought-after fashion accessory with their distinct series of Freak, X factor and the more recent Blast range of watches. 

Ulysse Nardin Diver-X-Skeleton 6


This is what one would call a hybrid diver’s watch. Fusing together the elements of Diver X and Skeleton X this is an exclusive edition of 175 watches, all numbered. In its new sporty avatar, this Skeleton still features a visible back case displaying the 371 movement. In order to take impacts at 200 meters under water the bezel is inverted concave protecting the domed sapphire glass. Our pick would be the one in super-charged orange for that quintessential sporty appeal.

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