Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Watch Alive & Ticking
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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Watch Alive & Ticking

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Watch Alive & Ticking

Similar to any other valuable object we possess, watches need personal care and attention. Most of us have a special relationship with watches: they remind us of our loved ones, take us on a trip to memory lane or simply fascinate us beyond comprehension. Even if none of that is relatable to some people, watches still need to be ticking in order to perform their essential function: show us the time. But for watches to last a long time, along with the feelings attached to them (and their utility), they need to be taken care of regularly. The intensity and regularity of maintenance varies according to the kind of watch in question. But regardless, spending a small amount of time every now and then will make sure that your watch’s workings don’t get upset in a significant way in the long run. Besides, replacing your watch can be a costly affair if you’re planning to invest in a luxury brand. 


We have compiled a list of things you should look out for to keep the watch running for long. 

  • Storage and Use

    Though for most of us the purpose of purchasing a watch is to keep track of time, there are many people who collect them as a hobby or for passion. It is extremely important that in such cases, including otherwise, that the watch is constantly used and checked upon. In a Quartz watch, the battery has to be replaced from time to time and there’s a high probability of ignoring dead batteries if the watch isn't in use for a long period of time. Besides, the lubricating oil that helps the parts of a watch move without glitch will be at a risk of drying up, causing the parts to become dormant and eventually stop working. 


    In specific relevance to mechanical watches, it is essential that the watches are worn regularly because they depend on the wearer’s wrist movements to draw energy for their movement. It is important then, to check the power reserve of your watch before buying it. For example, if the power reserve is 50 hours, the watch will work for 50 hours from the time it's removed from the wrist. If it's not worn by that time, the time has to be manually wound to match the right time. Here’s an extra tip: if you’re trying to change the date or time in your watch, it is advisable that you don’t do it when it displays anytime between 9pm and 3am This can cause damage as it interferes with the date-changing mechanic. This is true only for mechanical watches.


    Further, it is important that watches are stored in a safe place when they’re not being used. Most watches, like their labels mention, should be stored in a cool, dry place. Ideally, the boxes or cases they are packed in are perfect for storage. Regardless, make sure watches - any kind - are used regularly.


  • Clean it!

    It is almost impossible to avoid dirt settling on your watch because most of the dust particles are barely visible to the naked eye. Hence, watches are highly vulnerable and can collect small particles of dirt and dust over time. To prevent this, watches must be regularly cleaned and the method of cleaning depends upon each watch’s sensitivity and water resistance. If your watch isn’t resistant to water, a soft cloth can be used to wipe off dirt. Else, it is more effective to use a damp cloth and make sure it is completely dried before it is used or stored in a box. Many sources on the internet suggest soaking the watches in water to clean them: but it is very dangerous and best to be avoided. 


    But, cleaning with pieces of cloth can be a little frustrating because they aren’t flexible enough: so you can try cleaning your watch with a toothbrush. The bristles will make sure to sweep the dirt of even the slyest of corners. Again, the brush can be dry or damp based on the nature of the watch. 

  • Avoid Extreme Conditions

    There are many instances when we subject our watches to certain temperatures or environments that are harmful, even for the extremely durable and impervious watches. Hence, it is best to avoid chemical substances (like perfume), harsh sunlight or highly warm conditions and fluids from getting in contact with watches. It is especially important to take good care of those with leather straps because their nature makes them a victim of wear and tear quite easily. While purchasing watches, you should pay attention to their level of water-resistance and use them accordingly. Here is a chart showing the different levels and the kind of water-activities that are advisable for each: 


    Image source: The Watchmaker

  • Avoid Magnetic Fields

    For common people who have not much knowledge of science or physics, it will probably come across as a surprise that magnetic fields emitted by daily-use technologies from stereos to microwave ovens and refrigerators can affect the working of watches. However, Quartz watches are susceptible to magnetisation way less than Mechanical watches are. Magnetic fields affect the accuracy of quartz watches and nothing else significantly, except in extremely rare cases. 


    On the other hand, mechanical watches need to be worn consciously around electronic devices, even mobile phones, as the intensity of a mere 60 gauss (measurement of magnetic strength) can stop them from functioning: it depends on the intensity of the magnetic wave. This is because the balance spring that’s the main part of a mechanical watch can be affected severely by the magnetic field. However, it is quite easy to demagnetise watches using a specific machine, in a matter of minutes. 

  • Documents and Service

    Insurance has become an essential part of our lives, and they safeguard not just humans but watches too. It is especially important if you’re investing in an expensive timepiece or a luxury brand. Further, keeping the warranty and service cards of the watch safe is also important. This will prevent you from incurring losses and against theft or any unforeseen damages. 


    Watches need to be checked by an authorised service facility at regular periods of time. It is most important that you give your watch to a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable watchmaker. It is advisable to avoid instant-fix places as there is a high possibility that they lack the expertise which is needed to handle watches and their component parts. Keep track of your watch’s battery life if you own a Quartz and replace the batteries regularly too. 

    At Zimson Watches, we have a wide array of watches from different leading brands that offer the best of quality. Our services don’t stop at selling them - we provide assistance and service after the purchase too. We take as good care of your precious timepieces as you do. Contact our store and find skilled, authorised watchmakers to check your watch. 


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