The Best Watch Brands for Women Under ₹10,000
Best Watch Brands in India

The Best Watch Brands for Women Under ₹10,000

The Best Watch Brands for Women Under ₹10,000

Watches have become an undeniable necessity in life: regardless of occasion, nature of use, kind of style and other such factors, they are used on an everyday basis. While showing the time used to be their only function, watches nowadays function as an expression of the personality, style and creativity of the user. For some, collecting watches has even become a hobby. With the countless variations of the product existing in this global market valued at US$ 71.1 Billion (as of 2022), the scope for innovation is only ever growing. 


With that being said, the price range and authenticity of the watches are two important factors that are to be taken into consideration while purchasing them. This requires one to break a few stereotypes. The most important one is this: style and luxury are qualities restricted to high-end watches. The second stereotype will claim that mid-range watches are not of good quality. Contrary to this popular belief, budget watches can be just as luxurious and stylish, all while retaining good quality. And the best part is: they’re affordable. 


This blog will break the stereotypes: we have made a list of 5 of the best watch brands in India that offer products for women wearers, that tick all the boxes without burning a huge hole in our  pocket, below the range of Rs. 10,000! 

  • Fossil


    An affordable, entry-level watch brand, Fossil’s designs are mostly conventional. They have a majority of watches that use Stainless Steel as their primary material, and hence are easily maintainable. The colours, too, are adhering to the classics: different tones of Gold, Rose-gold and Silver are among the chief of the produced - in different combinations and variations. 


    Their collection ranges from heavy-designed watches to minimalist watches. Some of them feature jewels and elaborate, intricate designs that are suitable for use on special occasions - or simply when you’re feeling fancy! Others are subtle, watches that blend in the background. Their presence isn’t immediately noticeable but their absence definitely is! Either way, if you are someone who refuses to experiment and if you have a love affair with classics and traditions, then Fossil is the brand for you! 


    Price range starts from 6,495/- and goes up till 9,995/- (until the 10k range). 

  • Casio 


    If Casio should be defined in one word, it would be: versatility. In fact, it is one of the three core reasons that make the company extremely competitive and reliable. The brand has a wide range of collections that varies across its Vintage, Classic and Modern/ Digital watches. Hence, they cater to the needs of users with different preferences and tastes, while also proving to be suitable for almost any occasion. Some of the brands’ famous collections include Casio Vintage, G-Shock, Sheen and Enticer, among others. 


    Here’s the second reason: all this versatility and differentiation is available in an affordable price range too. The brand’s products are accessible to a large section of the society who want to experiment with fashion while not spending too much. Because of these qualities, the third strong point of Casio is its high customer satisfaction. Rest assured, Casio will provide the two primary qualities that users look for in any brand: quality and affordability. 


    Price range starts from 1,695/- and goes up till 9,995/- (within the 10k range)


  • Timex


    The Timex brand is like a supermarket for all watches. With products starting from really affordable prices, the brand offers nearly countless variations in watches. The materials used vary from Stainless Steel, Leather, Plastic and Silicone among others; Some Timex watches feature decorative elements like Mother of Pearl, Jewel/ Stones and as such. Timex has innovative designs too in different colours. 


    Timex has a huge collection of analogue, digital and smartwatches, suiting the wants and preferences of a majority of consumers - as we are sure it will suit your unique wants too, at pocket-friendly pricing! But most importantly, Timex watches are known for their unwavering reliability and value. An investment in Timex pieces means three important things: you are choosing a watch of high quality at a budget price, while also paying attention to the style and finish of the product. 


    Price range starts from 3,945/- and goes up till 9,995/- (within the 10k range)

  • Anne Klein


    It is seldom possible to define the entire product range of a brand with one adjective. Yet, Anne Klein proves us wrong because elegance is a quality that every Anne Klein watch possesses. As against its counterparts in this list, Anne Klein’s watch products cater to the needs of a very specific section of the society: women who focus on all things fashionable whilst also being careful about the spending. While the mainstream watch brands focus on watches for men primarily, this brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) is its shift of focus to women. 


    And in unity with the other brands on the list, Anne Klein too offers a large collection of watches with different variations and options - the brand has exemplary designs and style that become the main point of expression for the wearer. However, while a majority of similar brands focus on a few main traditional colours alone like gold, silver and such, this brand makes sure its watches incorporate all kinds of different colours that are anything but conventional. 


    Price range starts from 4,680/- and goes up till 9,995/- (within the 10k range)

    This blog will make one realise that a majority of us look for three things mainly, when it comes to weighing options to buy watches: affordability, quality and style. In this regard, depending upon the personal style of the user, the top choices would either be Casio or Timex. While the other brands focus on only one or two of the three aspects the above two are comprehensive and valuable!

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