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Rado collection


Rado is a symbol of everlasting quality and individual style. Three brothers Fritz, Ernst and Werner Schulp, in the year 1917, started a factory manufacturing clockworks. In 1957, 40 years after its inception, this company came to be known as Rado. Considered as durable, enduring, beautiful, and innovative, this luxury watch is considered to be a “Watch for life”. Behind this extraordinary Rado collection is a cutting edge-technology and visionary research along with the understanding and mastery of materials.

Key Milestones in the history of Rado

Rado is known for its introducing to the world the first scratch resistant watch and being the pioneer in manufacture of high-ceramic watches, along with the monobloc injected ceramic case. Being the one to use the toughest of technology in a ceramic watch, Rado is also known to be the first brand using plasma high-tech ceramic. With design that makes the watch light weight and eye-catching, the Rado range of watches is indeed one of the most coveted in the luxury watch segment. Using high-tech ceramic which has played a role in the watch’s making for the last three decades, every one of Rado’s collection is a masterpiece of art and craftsmanship.

Irresistible Material and design

Using high-tech ceramic that is enduring, innovative and lightweight, Rado has provided stylish and smooth surfaces which may have either metallic of matte finish providing a never ending array of colours. Introducing a gentle and sophisticated approach to glamour this range is absolutely comfortable and is hypoallergenic – meaning, the Rado can be worn by anyone with sensitive skin. Usage of Ceramos TM Incorporating the usage of ceramic and metal, introducing the new material Ceramos in watch making, Rado brought revolution into the world of luxury watch production. Ceramos is a material which offers the optical properties of both ceramic and metal – durability and lightness of Ceramic and irresistible lustre of metal. This makes the material durable, lightweight and at the same time extremely hard. Ceramos is today being used to bring in variety of colours and hues such as platinum, rose gold and gold. This material can adjust quickly to skin temperature, providing unparalleled comfort to the wearer. Interested in taking a closer look at the extraordinary collection from Rado? Do visit our Zimson stores and be mesmerised by the range of luxury watches on display.