Best Watch Brands in India
Best Watch Brands in India

Best Watch Brands in India

Whoever said that time is everything, certainly knew what they were talking about. No, we’re not talking about the esoteric concept of time here, but more simply, that of a wristwatch. Possibly, the most determined accessory one would come to wear in his lifetime. Formerly used as only a ‘timekeeping’ device, today, a watch is a tiny showcase of history, and no less an asset, reminding us to savour each moment of our lives.

The top watch brands in India, among plenty of others present in the market, are Omega, Breitling, Longines, and Rado. These watches are a precise cocktail of craftsmanship, micro-mechanics and precision, making it an asset to anyone who owns it.  


Just the name is enough to turn heads. Omega was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848 and since then, has been responsible for the most notable, historically significant watches. Worn by kings, presidents and celebrities across the globe, behind each one is a legacy of horological genius and innovation. The iconic collections namely Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster and De Ville, have each made history in their unique way.


Omega is synonymous with gargantuan milestones be it the Speedmaster marking the Apollo 11 lunar landing or the first to have a minute-repairer wristwatch, this brand is not new to success. To own an Omega Chronometer is to be confident that you are wearing a masterpiece that is certified by COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute). Omega De Ville delivers everyday elegance. Featured here is the De Ville Prestige Power Reserve in steel with blue leather strap. The Olympic Games are the zenith of international sport. Omega’s association dates back to the 1932 Olympics, as the official timekeeper. To this day, Omega continues its association with prestigious sports events through The PGA Tour, The Paralympic Games and The Youth Olympic Games.


Actor Daniel Craig's legendary role as James Bond, brought sophistication, style and the adventurous spirit of the brand to life when he sported an Omega on his wrist, through all of his five spy films. Omega’s principles of excellence and precision, are well-reflected in the choice of reputed brand ambassadors – Nicole Kidman, Michael Schumacher, George Clooney, Daniel Craig, Abhishek Bachchan, Eddie Redmayne, among a few. The world of watches offers a myriad of options for anyone interested.



Watch masters since 1884, inventor of the modern chronograph, founder Gaston Breitling understood the advantage of wearing a chronograph on the wrist. 1941 saw a new revolution, the Chronomat, a smart-watch of its time, with an upgraded Premier line that followed suit. Breitling took to the air, having mastered the art of manufacturing sturdy time-pieces that could survive the harshness of the cockpit whilst maintaining their integrity.

Undoubtedly, a feather in the hat, Breitling can boast of being the first chronograph worn in space. Yes, literally out of this world! A signature timepiece called the Superocean, took the brand to new depths, further entrenching its footprint in the watchmaking industry. Defined by functionality, style and panache, Breitling timepieces showcase the efforts of visionaries, through the years.



Recently, the brand took a bold step when it challenged the stereotype that women do not prefer wearing watches that look sporty. With the launch of the first-ever Chronomat for Women, Breitling has consciously strived to remould the attitude and approach of gender-based design. Today, the Breitling name is a legacy in itself. The brand's magnanimity is also evident in the company's effort to reduce carbon footprint and shipping cost, reflected in the decision to adopt a new packaging made entirely of recycled plastic from bottles.

Here’s Hollywood diva Charlize Theron flaunting her Chronomat Automatic 36. 




Founded in 1832, the ideal luxury wristwatches personify elegance, precision and performance. The brand emanates panache and luxury. Each product of the extensive Longines collection blends a rigid tradition with contemporary design. The brand is highly renowned for its sports watches and chronographs.


The brand has an enviable line-up of watches right from the early 1930s and '40s. Longines represents more than just a brand. It represents a lifestyle of luxury. And so long as neo-vintage remains a prominent trend in the watch industry, Longines will continue to have the upper hand. 


The brand archives, historical connection with pioneers, explorers and aviators are an invaluable source of inspiration to understand what Longines’ spirit stands for. 

The Heritage collection encompasses the spirit of tradition and the craftsmanship of modern, cutting-edge technology.

While the rugged chronograph has a pop of colour that makes it stand out as a novel design idea.


Longines Watches for men and women are beautifully crafted luxury timepieces that are nothing short of remarkable. The brand's first association with sporting events first began in 1878 and since then, Longines has earned the coveted spot of the privileged official timekeeper for top-ranking international events such as The Commonwealth Games, Archery, Alpine Skiing, Gymnastics, Equestrian events, to name but a few.


Renowned Brand Ambassadors including international celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Andre Agassi, Jung Woo Sung, Simon Baker, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Mikaela Shiffrin, bring the required qualities of class and sophistication that Longines is renowned for.


Different collections adopt varied styles, some dynamic and some subtle. Be it either looks or performance, if you are a watch connoisseur then this one is waiting for you.



Rado is a Master of Materials, a symbol of everlasting quality and individual style. Design is the cornerstone of the brand’s creative DNA. With the inception of Rado in 1917, the brand’s philosophy “if we can imagine it, we can make it" has been upheld, through the passage of time.  Rado’s designs are classic – it is a combination of the old and the new. Despite the brand touted to be pure luxe, each collection artfully merges artsy styles on a vintage base, showcasing Rado’s fashion-forward vision.

A pioneer in Ceramos, the first-ever material forged from ceramic and metal, brought the angle of durability to the world of luxury timepieces. Ceramos offers the optical properties of sheen and lightness of Ceramic, and the rich lustre of metal. Considered futuristic, beautiful and innovative, this luxury watch is more than just aspirational.


The brand was also the first in the world to launch a scratch-proof watch, demonstrating a novel approach to material-technology and innovative watchmaking at a time when this was far from the norm. The wide range from Rado encompasses both traditional and contemporary shapes and sizes; which have a distinctly modern façade. The futuristic design of the timepieces makes it appealing for men and women across genres.


An honoured recipient of many prestigious international design awards, Rado also collaborates with leading international designers to select the winner of the sought-after Rado Star Prize competitions for up-and-coming young designers.


Rado’s link to the world of Tennis is inspired by the spirit of challenge and determination. In 2019 Rado became the Official Timekeeper of twelve International Tennis tournaments held on grass, clay and hard courts. World-famous Brand Ambassadors including Hrithik Roshan, Tang Wei, Lisa Ray, Yulia Peresild give every aspiring buyer an additional reason to own a Rado.  

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